Colouring Tables
Wednesday 20 Feb 2013

OS and OOS have created a series of nine small tables which consists of three subgroups distinguishable by their colour (yellow, red and grey).

OS and OOS have been asked for an exhibition to create products/objects for commercial sale in three different price classes, the tables increase in cost when a new material is introduced starting with simple wood, then metal and marble respectively.

The lowest price class is a table, which consists only of coloured MDF wood, this forms the base for the other two tables priced above it.

For the second price class the table consists of two dislike materials but still retain the same like colour.

The highest price class table consists of three dislike materials of like colour.

We wish to express the idea; does a higher price or more hours invested or the number of materials used correlate to the table’s quality or ability to function better as a “table”?

Where does the boarder lie between form/ function and plain excessively for the sake of the price? We want to raise the question: what differences can we decipher from the three tables when in the end they perform the exact same task?


ø55 cm x 40 cm height