Utrem Lux
Monday 11 Feb 2013

UTREM LUX is a series of lamps made from reused glass bottles that had been discarded behind our studio and wood offcuts kindly given to us by our next-door neighbours.  Each one of the designs is made individually, by hand, and has its own unique aesthetics. In order to obtain the large quantities of glass we are now in contacts with labs and waste management companies around London.

We aim to show that it is possible to create a useful and aesthetic design from reused materials. It is important for us to have as little waste in our design process and give the reused materials a new life. In the design process we tried to highlight the beauty of the original object and celebrate its inherent characteristics.

DeGross Design & Innovation is a multidisciplinary design studio based in West London. Our team of designers research, develop, and fabricate all our designs in house. Our aim is to create responsible and thoughtful products, while keeping our design at the highest standards.

We are interested in taking sustainable and environmental issues and solving them by researching, prototyping and manufacturing useful, real-world designs. We hope to inspire users and designers to act more responsibly towards what they purchase, make and dispose. Our studio has designed and produced large-scale exhibitions, bespoke electronic devices, sustainable water collection devices, unique furniture and much more.