Sabatina Leccia
Tuesday 29 Jan 2013

Sabatina Leccia is a French sustainable designer based in Paris. She graduated last June from the prestigious Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design.

She has developed products with bright colours and strange shapes which evoke the idea of transformation.

Sabatina is aware about the environmental issue of nowadays so she produces her pieces in a sustainable way.

She created two categories of products.

The first one is plastic cups. Sabatina is using existing basic plastic cups and she reworked them by hand in order to turn the cups into Art pieces.

The second one is a limited collection of vases made of recycled glass in collaboration with the glass blower Matteo Gonet. The vases are made by hand and each piece is unique.?Sabatina's aim is to develop original products, which incorporate the notion of "green design" in the process.