Friday 23 Nov 2012

MODULES, BY CAMILLE FLAMMARION, in an industrial context, open a space of potential where things can be endlessly transformed and played with. It is the meeting point between industrial rationalization and our personal desire for diversity and flexibility.

MODULES, at the intersection of my architecture background and my ceramics practice, define a spatial structure by the juxtaposition of basic elements.

MODULES create bigger ceramic objects than usual with alternate uses, transcending the limits of the material.

The MODULES PROJECT progresses in two directions.

SQUARE MODULES then MODULE FROM 2D TO 3D create some new ceramic modular shapes and explores the idea of how 3D modular items can be the extension of a 2D pattern. Developed on two different scales, these ceramic modules can be assembled into an array of forms and sizes from vases to walls through to stools.

THE BRICK PROJECT reinterprets an existing ceramic module, the brick. It attempts to make people look at it differently, bringing it into a different design context. This modular system allows us to create our own furniture and interior walls, moving and removing at will.