Sarah Boettga Friday 17 Aug 2012

`SKALE' by Sarah Boettger can be what you make of it - a wardrobe, a side table, a shoe shelf or simply a means by which to display your favourite outfit.

Its form is based on a collage of one original shape that has been multiplied, scaled, turned and nested into one another. Skale is one composition out of many collages developed from a simple oblong with rounded edges in different sizes and directions.

Some shapes appear as lines made out of solid metal pipes and others made out of thin metal sheets. Things can be placed, stored or hung on the outer frame. All shapes are connected to each other and thus form a solid structure.

Sarah Boettger’s approach to design is based on the observation of everyday experiences. She is fascinated by simple things which are out of the ordinary. Her aim is to design products with a unique identity and appreciation, to be used and lived with in the long term.

Material: Metal, coated

Dimensions: 85 cm x 155 cm