Steve Leung Tuesday 03 Jul 2012

i-chi II represents the beautiful combination of the antique and nouveau, featuring the decoration of Chinese ancient architecture as the series’ design-inspiration, which it presents in a contemporary furniture form while continues the brand’s minimalist insistence.

Original design with low-carbon concept, high-grade quality with upscale materials, functional design with flexible combination projects like sofas, i-chi II has satisfied the modern dweller’s requirement striving for perfection and an enhancement of living standard.

The essence of Chinese ancient architecture has been captured in the design details; traditional cinnabar red color in Chinese ancient architecture has been used in the design while the Chinese type traditional wooden parapet in mansion’s window frame and the veranda also inspired the designer’s profound design in the series. Both inspirations embellish the furniture with an ulterior aroma and unique charm.

The new metal door-handle in i-chi II and the lock-device of classic-ancient door both have light metal texture lightly and together they bring back the memory of opening the ancient front door with the twinkling of an eye.

The radian-eaves of the mansion are expressed in i-chi II items plurality while the curve increases the infinite vitality and the mid shape comparing with normal furniture straight-line designs.

i-chi II leads ones into the world of the imposing Chinese mansion garden and enabling people to admire the essence of Chinese ancient and modern construction. The enchantment of i-chi II unshackles the constraints of time and space eternally.