jeff alan gard Friday 29 Jun 2012

With a formative experience serving as an apprentice to a renowned sculptor during his studies, architect Jeff Alan Gard gained an appreciation for organic shapes and the strength and the literal and figurative flexibility of natural materials.

Carrying these principles to furniture design, the SFO Chair uses the beauty and strength of bent plywood to address the relaxed, more casual design attitudes prevalent today with the demand for fixtures that make a bold statement while effortlessly performing their function. THE SFO Chair introduces a new, this-century modern design appropriate for home, office and public spaces.

Its approachable, elegant presentation invites both comment and reclining, with an iconic look that can be adapted per placement and palette, with a selection of finishes and fabrics. Inspired by the simplicity, shape and strength of the raw material, the shell emerges from commercially-available veneered bent plywood cylinders.The cylinder itself dictates the unique shape of the chair, with two nested shells cut from one cylinder, with virtually no resulting waste material. The sculptural Y form of the steel base pivots and cradles the body of the plywood shell at a comfortable casual tilt.

Meeting the base at four connection points the tapered form of the plywood offers greater strength at the critical point where the back transitions to the seat, where most chairs eventually fail. The SFO Chair has been produced for a variety of settings, including home, office and for a stylist in a hair salon, altered with a hydraulic pump to adjust the height. The design is easily adaptable for different uses and contexts, from bar stool seating to styling chairs, from waiting rooms to lounges.