Guy H. Hamilton Thursday 28 Jun 2012

The “SUNSPOT P.E.V.” is a movable and portable unit of furniture that functions as a handy outdoor/indoor table and as a clean, powerful and renewable energy source that, when fully charged, offers 800 Watts of power.

Occupying only 18” X 24”, it can be rolled to any location, indoors or outdoors, providing power wherever it goes. The application of these units will lessen power demand from the grid and allow homeowners to build their own personal energy freedom.

The “SUNSPOT PEV” incorporates current and available technologies into a simple and useful platform that incorporates easily into the home or apartment environment. This crossover piece of furniture is virtually free of hazardous fumes, spills and flammability concerns, unlike gas-powered generators, using a Deep-Cycle, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Battery. Ports for AC/DC & USB are accessed from the back of the unit.

The product will provide years of clean and easily renewable energy, that will allow owners or renters, home or apartment dwellers, continued ability to have free energy readily available and especially during times of power outages or disaster. The energy is available at all times and can become part of an applied energy habit for the consumer.

The product is available in Electric Green, Solar Yellow, Rocket Orange, Power Blue, Flaire Red, Cool Grey, Lacquer & Flat Black, Deep Purple Brown. (Special Order Colours can be made available).


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Guy H. Hamilton

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