VERPAN Thursday 24 May 2012

VERPAN, the Danish producer of some of Verner Panton's most iconic designs, has reintroduced four Panton works that were made in small quantities years ago but were not launched commercially, including an interlocking seating and side table solution.

According to VERPAN's Peter Frandsen, the launch showcases some of Panton's best work. "Panton is rightfully known as a maverick who transformed Danish design with new materials, graphical designs and bold colours," he says. "These new pieces certainly show why Panton has won that reputation. But they also showcase another side of Panton, the pragmatic architect who was all about modularity and simple systems that just work. The combination is pure Panton - and pure genius."

Panton's Wire Collection gets a new look this year with VERPAN's launch of Modular, an interlocking seating and side table solution. Modular consists of a series of circular upholstered seats and sturdy side tables. Seats and tables can stand on their own, individually, or be linked in any number of combinations. Just add colour and imagination - as the designer himself would have - and Modular becomes an outstanding example of how Panton's playful yet practical furniture reflects his flair for graphical interior decoration.