Ilide Wednesday 02 May 2012

Ilide (Italian LIght DEsign) is a new lighting design company with an innovative approach to design.

It reinterprets the traditional craftsmanship in a modern way to contrast industrial products created by artisans, whose skills are passed down generations. This is Ilide's first debut, and its products belong to two different collections called "Unicita" (where each lamp is purely inspired by a certain Italian city) and the second one is an experimental collection where the products are often obtained by pushing, technology, materials and artisans skills to the limit. These lamps are the result of a design contest with 20 winning designers and 20 craftsmen engaged to make these projects come to life.

What Ilide aims to do is recreate the true ‘Made In Italy' value, sustaining the great skills of Murano Glass blowers, potters and wood carvers that are renowned for their abilities and their product quality. With handmade products, there is a return to the emotional attachment there used to be with traditional handcrafted products and the certainty of having a unique and exclusive lamp.

All the artisans engaged and production processes are made locally, to cut transportation, stock costs, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Handcrafted product sustainability, careful design and high-technology performed by designers brings efficiency and innovation in Ilide's lamps.

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ILIDE is an Italian lighting company which exclusively produces in Italy. ILIDE's collection products are the result of synergies between a contemporary design and an innovative high quality craftsmanship.