Refin Ceramiche Wednesday 18 Apr 2012

A unique colour palette developed for Refin

Cromie is the latest collection to be launched by Italian ceramic tile brand Refin. It is the first time a tile company has developed 30 new colours.

This colour palette is ready for immediate use by architects, interior designers and specifiers. Offering this kind of colour range affords users many more opportunities to seamlessly create accurate and subtle finishes for projects. Refin is a genuine pioneer in ceramic tile research and has a team of in-house developers pushing the boundaries of tile design both scientifically and aestheically.

Using the NCS-Natural Colour System as a reference, Cromie embraces the world of project-planning in a complementary way, and can perfectly integrate with other design and architectural elements. This new chromatic palette uses the scientific criteria of brightness, saturation and shade to give a broad, infinite horizon. This is the first time this method has been used in the ceramics industry.

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Refin Ceramiche

Ceramiche Refin has had a presence on the international market since 1962 and is part of the Gruppo Concorde, the second largest ceramic group in Europe.