Emmanuel Gallina Friday 16 Dec 2011

Just like the craftsman at his workbench, the Nouvelle Vague user is offered an infinite range of functionalities that it can assimilate easily, naturally and that it can intuitively adapt to hit own needs. It truly adds a great deal of value in the flexibility and use of the desk.

Nouvelle Vague reinterprets the contemporary workspace by addressing users' modern aspirations and the integration of new technologies in order to place the individual at the heart of the working environment.

Nouvelle Vague corresponds to a desire for well-being and respect in the workplace, taking account of current issues related to stress and the need to enhance desk space around the user. The project therefore stems from an analysis of ergonomics, proxemics and the integration of new technologies.

Nouvelle Vague follows two complementary vectors, keeping as a priority the idea of the workspace being a positive experience.

Personal comfort on the one hand and the craftsman's workbench on the other.

Clever features add a recreational note to the system, like the wastepaper bin placed on the lower rung, or even the suspended compartment that can either house a computer CPU or be fitted with shelves.

Its desktop and metal structure can accommodate a variety of accessories that meet users' precise requirements and put all the modern tools they need for their work within easy reach in a natural manner.

For instance, one particular accessory can accommodate and recharge all our modern mobile electronic devices (iPhone, iPad, digital camera, etc.); the side shelf can hold books and folders, but also today's smaller printers or scanners.

Nouvelle Vague asserts itself as a genuine contemporary workbench, offering maximum flexibility and accessorization, the natural companion of users in their varied tasks and work tempos all day long.

Certain storage features (shelf with divider, shelving unit, etc.) advantageously divide up and concentrate the space both visually and acoustically. Nouvelle Vague thus offers a personal space and an interplay of transparency and privacy, intuitively conducive to interaction or to working on one's own.