Adam Weismann Friday 16 Dec 2011

Clayworks pigmented clay plasters can be used on interior walls and ceilings. They can be applied directly onto most conventional building substrates with the use of a suitable primer. They are suited alike to historic and eco-walling substrates such as cob, lime, hemp and strawbale.

The clay plasters do not require painting, as the colour is inherent within the plaster. However, they can be painted with a suitable, micro-porous paint, such as clay paint or limewash.

The carefully blended ingredients give the plasters a unique fleck and subtle radiance, which is difficult to achieve with other plasters and paints.

Clayworks natural, pigmented clay plasters are simple to use. Similar to conventional plasters, they are applied with steel trowels, but are finished with a plastic trowel. This finishing action serves to close the grain, making the surface smooth, polished, durable and dust free.

Alternatively, the plaster can be finished with a damp sponge to create a more open-grained, soft, textured finish.

The clay plasters are versatile to allow individual expression, be that straight-edged and modern, or sensuously curved.

The main image is the basecoat product (rough finish) and the topcoat product (pictured below) is pigmented in 27 colours and silky smooth to the touch.