REGIA Srl Monday 28 Nov 2011

Regia presents its first collection of modular units: an offering of surprising potential in terms of size and style variants.

Almost a unit-based puzzle with infinite solutions, Niky can be transformed into countless different combinations, all featured in a catalogue that offers a simple play on combinations.

A tangible response at a time when purchases are becoming oriented towards criteria that are more aware of practicality and affordability. Thanks to the detailed design by Bruna Rapisarda, its creator, Niky actually transforms clients into the real designers of their bathroom fittings.

The possibility to select from a large variety of sizes - an affordable alternative to customised pieces - means that different elements can be added together to obtain the perfect mix. You can start with a 40-50 or 70 cm washbasin and combine it with 30, 40, 50, 60 and 80 cm elements (with doors and drawers), in two depths of 36 and 50 cm and in three heights of 42, 60 and 72 cm.

And there is more: there are a number of different washbasin solutions (tops with built-in basins in glass, Livingtec or Vetroghiaccio, semi-recessed basins and countertop basins in resin or ceramic), matching coordinates (from the washing machine unit, to wall units, to columns, mirrors, accessories, shelves and specifically reworked lighting) and a whole galaxy of proposals for making the best use of the internal spaces, the practical heart of the modular unit.

MILLENIUM is Regia's new proposal "in the realm" of bathroom fittings. It is a design collection offered at a convenient price and specially conceived to appeal to young, demanding customers who seek up-to-the-minute household accessories, the protagonists par excellence of contemporary lifestyle.

The MILLENIUM concept stems from the intention of its designers, Bruna Rapisarda and Franca Lucarelli, to create products that can play a role in people's lives and contribute to enrich their homes. The new collection features lines that are soft and pleasing to the touch, with wall attachments whose circular section tapering along the elliptical development of the bars find an echo in the slender shape of the soap dispensers and the soap dish.

It is an extremely rich range, in that, besides the traditional wall-mounted and self-standing articles, it includes highly sophisticated items, such as the towel rack for the bathtub, the cantilever bar, as well as fancy objects including a magnifying mirror, a tray, a flower vase, a waste paper basket.

That's not all: the bars, the roll holder and a choice of hooks, all of them characterised by a square stud, can be had in an adhesive version that is secured to the wall without having to use a drill and screws.

MILLENIUM fittings are made of glossy chromed brass and Livingtec® in white, black, dove and ruby red versions, but are also available on request in all the colours of Regia's lacquered furnishings.