Opera Contemporary Tuesday 13 Sep 2011

Opera Contemporary is at the summer version of the Maison&Objet event in Paris with new exclusive products.

These pieces exemplify the tradition of high quality and attention to detail that the company has always shown, while at the same time highlighting the more contemporary spirit which has led this new brand to see success on the international markets.

The 126 square meter stand, located in pavilion 4, H 34 - I 33, showcases a luxurious bedroom, four unique and classy living rooms, and a sumptuous dining room. The collections, designed by Studio Castello Lagravinese, redefine the concept of elegant functionality.

This bedroom is complete with products hailing from the all-new Elettra collection which features prestigious walnut wood and shiny brass tips on the feet.

This collection includes the romantic dressing table which comes with the new glossy-framed Bersi mirror, as well as bedside tables and a chest of drawers with wave-like carvings on the solid wood doors and sides that offer a sort of three dimensional play on light and shadows.

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Opera Contemporary

Opera Contemporary is the more modern brand from the historic Italian furniture company Angelo Cappellini.