Savio Firmino Company Monday 08 Aug 2011

Savio Firmino 1941 Collection gives a bathroom a warm, intimate atmosphere and introduces to a new wellness sensation.

Curved tubs in cast iron, precious woods and marbles give way and shape to many solutions with different chromes and personality. To make its production even more exclusive Savio Firmino makes use of a wide selection of precious materials as crystal rock lapis lazuli, quarzum and pearls.

The company's research into creating a charming atmosphere combines beauty with functionality and makes Savio Firmino's bathroom definitely the place where anyone can relax and discover inner identity.

Savio Firmino's Bathroom Collection includes a wide range of solutions and it is fully accessorized. It suggests a new perspective of taking care of your body and of your domestic wellness.

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Savio Firmino Company

Savio Firmino Company was established in Florence in 1941 by Mr Firmino Savio, from which the Company’s name takes origin. The Company is now operating for 70 years. Savio Firmino maintained over 30 years the original location set in Oltrarno close the historical quarter of Santo Spirito.