Eugene Yip Thursday 28 Jul 2011

TUCKK system is an entirely new idea inspired by natural human locomotion observed in mountaineering (think Danny Boyle's movie 127 Hours), where climbers tuck themselves in between crevices for stability.

TUCKK shoe storage system works similarly and simply - just tuck your shoes in for a firm hold. Its simplicity belies the months of effort by Eugene Yip, a Singapore-based furniture and interior designer, to realize the idea of a practical solution requiring lesser resource.

The basic system is created using compressible structures between which shoes can be slotted or where heels can be hung vertically. The key advantages of Tuckk system are: (1) It takes better advantage of vertical space for storage. (2) It allows users easy view of the entire shoe collection. (3) It allows user to store and retrieve shoes at high level with greater ease.

Designing based on use of lesser materials to achieve more is good for our environment and good for business. Eugene created Tuckk system based on this value. As it enables shelf-less shoe storage, this patent-pending system uses much lesser material than a normal shelf-based cabinet.

Tuckk system also comes in modular format, enabling architects, interior designers, builders or carpenters to incorporate shoe storage plan within tall and narrow space. In an era where city dwellers face increasing demand for effective space usage, Tuckk offers a simple and workable solution for our indispensable need for shoe storage.

Eugene believes that Tuckk will bring about a fresh and sustainable way of creating interior space up our walls, literally.

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Eugene Yip

Eugene Yip runs an interior design practice in Singapore. Entirely self-taught in design and driven by a constant curiosity, Eugene thinks he is a lucky guy who gets to live out his love for creating useful objects and spaces. He previously exhibited at 100% Design London 2010 an ottoman design in collaboration with print designer Mike Tay.