Sancal Wednesday 27 Jul 2011

They grow like mushrooms.

As extras and as complements, the Nadadora studio offers us nice stools and small tables whose base is inspired by ‘trobos': a Spanish word that describes hives made from hollow logs, very typical of the northern Iberian Peninsula.

The base is a curved chestnut sheet. Two heights for the base and two diameters for the top expand the possibilities for stools and tables. The collection is available in a wide range of shades: tenuous colours for discreet environments and bright colours which contrast with the wood.

Tab is reminiscent of the support given by a tree stump in the heart of a forest.

designer biog


People are at the core of Sancal’s ethos: they create for, and are thankful to, the discerning customer. Their premise is to design products which go forward, which convey value and allow us to create singular spaces. Sancal aims to enhance our habitat with enjoyable products, a product designed with care; progeny of a venture conceived with dedication.

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