JH2 One Tree Home Thursday 07 Jul 2011

John Houshmand teamed up with Jack Donenfeld, a partner in Simplemente Madera Group®, a Nicaraguan timber company and furniture maker to create the JH2OneTreeHome Collection.

Donenfeld and Simplemente Madera share Houshmand's commitment to reducing environmental impact and taking good care of the people involved in making wood products.

The JH2OneTreeHome furniture collection includes beds, benches, coffee tables and side tables, consoles, dining tables and desks, all crafted from beautiful, sustainably sourced Nicaraguan tropical hardwoods. Challenging the division between fine and functional arts, the designs engage the basic elements of wood, glass and specialty metals in a way that heightens and reveals their underlying splendors and celebrates nature without compromising practicality.

JH2 OneTreeHome believes that its long-term success as a contemporary furniture maker is based on responsible environmental stewardship, sustainable use of resources,taking good care of employees, earning the trust and confidence of the communities where the wood used for the furniture originates, and having partners and associates who share their core values.

These beliefs are reflected in their activities, which includes ensuring that all of the wood used in the furniture meets Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) standards and certifications. FSC certification guaranties that areas where our wood originates are replanted and reforested and that companies involved in harvesting trees have long-term mutually beneficial relationships with their employees and the communities where their timberlands are located.

JH2 OneTreeHome also actively promotes "green" building standards and organizations that are dedicated to sustainable forestry and environmentally friendly furniture manufacturing practices.

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JH2 One Tree Home

For the last 10 years, JOHNHOUSHMAND has handcrafted the basic elements of wood, glass and steel to combine art and function in limited edition and custom made urban organic furniture. Now, to make John Houshmand’s design aesthetic more widely available, he has created the JH2 OneTreeHome collection, teaming up with Jack Donenfeld, a partner in Simplemente Madera Group®, a Nicaraguan timber company and furniture maker.