Horgan Becket Wednesday 06 Jul 2011

Starting with a table and bench, the first new pieces in the MESH Series combine elements of simplicity and expressiveness in a manner that is both uniquely familiar and thoughtfully refreshing in the same moment.

"We spent a lot of time thinking about our customers and their renewed sense of value. To help ensure the solution was responsive and self evident, we decided to engage in an experiment of un-design."

The MESH Series is produced to order in a solar powered facility from a simple palette of materials aligned with sustainability. The solid wood tops are finished with a hand rubbed color wash supported by a color matched metal base. With nine standard colors to choose from, there is also a degree of choice.

The tables are available in a range of heights and widths, including: Desks, Dining, Work, Coffee and Sideboard. The benches are available in lengths up to eight feet.

HORGAN BECKET is a design and production studio based in Brooklyn, NY.