Love Anna James Monday 04 Jul 2011

Anna James unlocks her exciting new collection - Via dell' Amore - a themed showcase of three interconnected yet individually stunning and unique objects from the loveannajames studio.

Via dell'Amore continues to play on Anna's signature theme of Love which was celebrated in her previous collection Verona. The pieces within the collection all make individual and sometimes purposely ambiguous statements on the physical, emotional and sometimes metaphysical processes that come into play in locking together two hearts.

Moving from courtship to commitment "Hope Chest", to seduction "Smoke Screen" and devotion "Star Cross Lovers" the pieces simultaneously bring to light the constraints and freedoms that being in love can bring. Via dell'Amore - literally "pathways of love" - names and also describes the themes that have inspired this stunning new collection of unique artworks.

Hope Chest is a beautifully restored 19th Century dowry chest. The exterior is covered with elaborate French lace and has an equally seductive interior fitted with black velvet Chesterfield paneling. The chest contains an inlaid display of antique handpainted white keys.

Smoke Screen is a fabric printed Victorian screen, decorated solely with playfully provocative smoke trails printed on a black background. Immediately conjuring images of seduction scenes played out in classic film noir boudoirs.

StarCrossed Lovers is directly inspired by the most famous lovers of all, the illfated Romeo and Juliet. Created using a restored Edwardian love seat, two handpainted images of nebulae in the night sky were created to represent two lovers, photographed and combined before being applied as a print on fabric to cover this antiquated location for formal courtship, the love seat.

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Love Anna James

Anna works from her studio in London transformingantique and twentieth century furniture into uniqueluxury pieces.Each one is fully restored by Anna before shecreates her highly individual designs.

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