Fuller Design Associates Wednesday 29 Jun 2011

The Ava Furniture Series features a coffee table (shown), Desk, Chair and gathering table composed of carbon fiber composites which are extensively used in aerospace, military, marine and the motorsport industry where light weight and strength are required for performance.

The Ava coffee table is the first of the series produced and was introduced at 2011 ICFF this year; the desk, chair and gathering table will follow. The Ava coffee table (17" x 17" x 51") highlights the special attributes of carbon fiber beyond the use as a furniture cosmetic "high tech veneer".

The design intent of the Ava furniture series coffee table is to have carbon fiber "perform" and showcase it unique structural abilities with the efficient material usage. The extremely lightweight (13 lb) table features complex geometry cantilever ends, and a minimal form with .3" cross section (optimal use of carbon fiber laminate efficiently bonded to .25" honeycomb core material). Unique materials include anodized high carbon aluminum milled feet, rubber silicone pads, laser engraved stainless steel identification medallions, and multiple coat automotive finish polished to a high gloss.

Designed as an heirloom piece, the product is composed of materials that will last indefinitely if properly maintained; the automotive finish can be procured most anywhere in the world for "upkeep".

The DNA beyond the form...
The Ava Furniture Series has an unseen dimension inherent in the DNA of the line which can be summed up with one word-- community. The project connects on a personal level with who designed it, who manufactured it and where it was made-all within the local community.

The furniture line is crafted by 6 vendors in Indianapolis, Indiana (US) the #1 Motorsport Economy in the world. The technology experts were chosen for their superior craftsmanship, personal pride and integrity, and passion collectively providing services for 100 years + to the local motorsport community. I personally selected each design fabrication group that exhibited exceptional craftsmanship, pride and passion for their profession which dovetails perfectly with the spirit of the initial design in which it was conceived. This is who the Ava Furniture series is; the sum of its parts.

Glen D. Fuller IDSA