Ian Ritchie Architects Ltd Friday 03 Jun 2011

The future of office lighting will demand a reduction in energy use and costs and this can be achieved with lower background levels and efficient low energy task lighting.

With a strong belief in achieving this, we have developed Zebede - a 21st century task light which has been specially designed for use at desks and computer work stations.

The light fitting comes in the shape of a distinctive "Z" which consists of three slim aluminium bars measuring only 7 x 50 mm. Inserted into the Z top bar are three rows of seven individual LEDs integrated with a satin acrylic panel. The middle row contains cool white LEDs whilst warm white LEDs are positioned in the outer rows. Both cold and warm LEDs can be switched and dimmed separately. Flush with the bottom bar surface are three recessed and engraved stainless steel buttons: power and two dimming controls (sun and moon icons) for each colour temperature.

The combination of light sources gives variable colour temperature and is an innovative application in task lighting. The base of the task light contains electronic ballasts, and a blue LED on the bottom surface to indicate when the power is on. At maximum output the task light operates extremely energy-efficiently in relation to its brightness. At a distance of 500 mm between the worktop and the LED a maximum illuminance of 1500 lux is achieved over an A1 area.

Zebede is an exciting and unique task light that has been manufactured to the highest aesthetic and technical standards.

The project was completed June 2010.

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