Artek oy ab Thursday 02 Jun 2011

Every year, thousands of new lamps are created around the world. Some of them manage to introduce a new, unique form; others bring new technical solutions to the market.

What these fittings usually have in common, however, is that they concentrate on making a spectacle of themselves and leave the light itself to play a supporting role.

Form and colour are the stars, and light gets sidelined. This was the starting point for the new Artek lighting collection. White brings a new perspective on how we perceive lighting. It is time for white light to take centre stage. The design was inspired by the effects of conceptual spatial installations on enclosed light, and it has also shown the path that lighting might take in the future. Unlike many of its peers, White stays in the background and concentrates on providing the perfect frame for light itself. In visually overcrowded environments, White provides a fresh alternative. It neither shouts nor overburdens the space in which it is placed.

For too long, light has been overshadowed by the fitting. Right from the beginning of the design process we felt that there would be room for a lamp that allows light to rule. The biggest tribute for White would be that people remember its soft light but have no idea how the lamp itself looked. Bright White 1 is a certified therapy light. It passes on a bright light in a level of 2500 lux which is required for lighting fixtures of this type.

Bright White 1 is made out of white painted birch airplane veneer. Frosted plexiglass, light source; 2 x 36W TC fluorescent light tubes. 

Designer: Ville Kokkonen (b.1975), design director of Artek