Yaffe Mays Monday 23 May 2011

Yaffe Mays aim to make furniture with meaning and value that not only endures but also increases with time, and through use.

They use hardwoods - native Irish when suitable - traditional joinery and finishing techniques. Their work combines the best elements of vernacular furniture with a modern, contemporary aesthetic. Each piece is made and finished by hand, resulting in an object that is extremely beautiful to look at and satisfying to use.

The Sligo chair is a vernacular Irish chair type. A Sligo chair can be described as a plank or board chair, in that most of the elements are considerably wider than they are thick: the proportions of the members are those of a plank - wide and relatively thin - in contrast to a ‘stick' whose cross-section is approximately square (or round). It has a distinctive triangular seat, consisting of a side-to-side front element, a front-to-back central element and two side elements, forming a triangle. The single back leg continues up past seat height to form the backrest. The front legs are ‘sticks' that attach to the front element.

Piece: Sligo 1, Irish Oak, wax finish, 68.5 x 72 x 57 cm (H x W x D)

Photograph by Rory Moore

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Yaffe Mays

Yaffe Mays is the partnership of furniture designer-makers Rebecca Yaffe and Laura Mays. Laura began in architecture and design, Rebecca in material studies. Now they design and make wooden furniture which references the past but which is also relevant and contemporary.