Conix Desk
Conix Architects Thursday 13 Jan 2011

The design of the collection originated from the need for an aesthetic and ergonomic solution for the contemporary work space. The concept of the staff members' desk was inspired by the desired multifunctional use as a desk & meeting table. Bearing a clean desk policy in mind, a separate, easily accessible compartment in varnished mdf was created, enabling the user to store all personal belongings in one motion.

The use of high-quality materials (polished aluminium and veneer) gives the staff members' desk a representative character. The operational desk fulfils both aesthetic and functional demands. This range of landscape desks is designed as a bench model, meant to be set up with 4 landscape desks together, and also includes a personal compartment.

The collection was specifically developed for the new and renovated office building we designed for Umicore Precious Metals Refining in Hoboken. The design is a tailor-made solution, taking into account the industrial site and Umicore's corporate values (innovation, flexibility, clean desk, openness, representativeness ...). The measurement of the desks was chosen in proportion to the office space. We deliberately created one collection for the operational desks, as well as for the staff members' desks.

In 2009 a mock-up was developed by manufacturer Unifor, specifically adjusted to the demands and wishes of Umicore and in line with the formal language of the entire project. Based on the mock-up, a few points were adapted (removal of the internal division of the 2 separate flaps, the flap and oblique leg of the staff members' desk were made more subtle).

The separate, easily accessible compartment supports Umicore's clean desk policy, without employees feeling burdened. An additional advantage is the flexible adaptation of the staff members' desk from desk into meeting table and vice versa. Thanks to the solid table top, a lower structure is not required, giving users freedom of movement. The cable tray and cable flap in the table top are easily accessible: through the central part between the 2 chests of drawers, all cables are guided beneath the work places, avoiding all vertical wiring. The open cable tray avoids the accumulation of dust. The partition glass on a synthetic frame is one-cast and has a soft, subtle look. It enables users to attach all kinds of accessories (such as a computer screen holder), creating more space on the desk itself.

The Conix desk starts from an original and unique concept. Due to the success of the Conix desk, Unifor considers bringing the collection into mass production. In addition to the functional advantages of the Conix desk mentioned above, a number of features were also implemented in function of the durability of the collection: legs in anodised aluminium, an open cable tray avoiding the accumulation of dust, a solid table top in HPL (postformed, no sharp edges), solid hinges and cupboards in structured, scratch-free varnish. The desks' timeless design also contributes to the durability of the collection.