Dancing Line

Dancing Line Product Description Formica Corporation of America and the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in Cincinnati, Ohio approached the design firm to develop a seating element prototype to be shown as part of a group exhibit entitled FORM: Contemporary Architects at Play. The Formica Lounger was one of ten designs by the most creative architects in the field. All pieces were then auctioned off to benefit the education and exhibition programming at the CAC.

One requirement for the seating element was that the piece be fabricated using a product produced by Formica. The design architect selected white micro-dot plastic laminate as the material for use in the Formica Lounger since it is the most recognizable Formica product. Once this was determined, the designer looked at the plastic laminate as a malleable material and chose to express its flexibility by creating a piece that explores a series of different radiuses.

Since laminate is a finishing material, the designer opted to show the true nature of it by cladding only the top and bottom surfaces of the lounger and expressing the core substrate, which is made out of plywood. In order to directly explore shade and shadow, white was selected for the color of the Formica Lounger. Additionally, the design relies heavily on the impact of light to help accentuate the power of the unorthodox geometry.