Patch of Sky
Fabrica Tuesday 26 Aug 2014

Italian communication research centre Fabrica has created a set of three innovative lamps, known collectively as ‘Patch of Sky'. What is novel about these lamps is that they are connected to the internet, allowing the user to share in real-time the weather they are currently experiencing with loved ones wherever they may be in the world - in other words, sharing patch of the sky with them.

Individually, the lamps are named after ancient Egyptian weather deities: Amun, the god of wind, Set, the god of storms and Tefnut, the goddess of rain. Each has a different shape and size and can either be floor or wall mounted, composed of mirrors which reflect and display weather information. A hardware and software solution called BERGCloud connects each lamp to the internet. Once registered to a facebook account, they can be sent to a loved one in another area but will gather weather information based on the facebook account's location.

Meteorological phenomena are classified into eleven common weather conditions, each of them corresponding to a coloured light animation which is displayed on the lamp. The lamps track the weather four times a day, and present this information via a specific light pattern. In this way they can become a silent companion for your partner or friend, telling them about the sky and world you're living in whilst you're not with them.

The project was created and the prototypes developed at Fabrica by researchers Leonardo Amico, Federico Floriani, Reda Jouahri, Alice Longo, Akshataa Vishwanath and Giorgia Zanellato.

Photos by Shek Po Kwan, editing by Marlene Wolfmair.

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