Foscarini Monday 07 Jul 2014

Metafisica, the new table lamp forged by the Diesel-Foscarini partnership, softly diffuses light through blown glass, a form which is seemingly suspended from the delicate metal cage. 

The design team's intention was to create a mysterious and charismatic form, which would assume body and life even when switched off. Their design gives the impression that the diffuser is floating in the air, flouting the laws of gravity.

Using warm, absorbing light, they set a sensual tone with soft, ivory colour. The metal rod cage with a brown finish exudes golden highlights, and appears to project shadows onto the supporting surface, in what the designers hoped would be an "enchanting play of shadows".

Metafisica is designed to steal the limelight wherever it is positioned, and yet remain versatile for multiple settings. It is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, hallway consoles or large desks, but also suits being group in clusters.

designer biog


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