INTERIORS+DESIGN for architects

Q. Which new design talents are you championing?

The work of ceramicist Billy Lloyd is very appealing for its peaceful lines and almost religious perfection (OP).

Q. Is there a piece of furniture or light you wish you'd designed?

The Werner CH27 - we were amazed that a chair even more beautiful than his CH25 exists (RP).

Q. How does working in London inspire your designs?

Our design concepts start in our imagination so in many respects we could design anywhere. Being based in London is important to us commercially as it's such an international design hub. We have so many supporters of our work make a visit when they come to this vibrant creative city. (OP)

Q. Which of your projects are you most proud of?

The Armoire Collection - because it can be used in so many ways and our clients are so happy they can have something built bespokely to their needs (OP)

Q. After five years with Conran you co-founded brand design agency The Nest, why the move from furniture to brand design?

I was working on a huge variety of projects at Conran, including large scale branding projects with external clients, this opened my eyes to the opportunities in branding and naturally we wanted to try doing it by ourselves under our own names - The Nest allowed me to work in all kinds of mediums and different scales, from packaging to retail interiors.

Q. What prompted your move back to furniture design?

After 5 years with The Nest, I yearned for more freedom to create my own brand and briefs and to actually be designing again - rather than managing design. My heart is in furniture design. RP

Q. You designed the interiors and furniture for Neals Yard Remedies. How did you find working on an interiors project, do you have any other interior projects coming up?

Not at the moment as we have had to concentrate on our furniture but yes - interiors is an extension of what we do and defining a total space and its mood is a wonderful creative project.

Q. What are you working on at the moment?

A new School chair manufactured by Ercol
A series of new pieces for the Jme Cook range
An exciting new departure for PINCH which has more to do with space than product

Q. And would you spend the perfect weekend? And what are you favourite restaurants in London?

A lie in would define luxury (we have a 1 and 3 year old)
Getting some sun or conversely icy cheeks on a walk ideally with a view Cooking something usual from a favorite cookbook and eating it with friends

Restaurants: Franco Manca in Brixton Market for incredibly delicious very reasonably priced pizzas of the napolitan style. Blacks on Dean Street for its laid back vibe and downtrodden townhouse chic. The Ivy because its does wonderful things with simple dishes.