book review

The winner of last month's book "Living & Eating" is Achilles Kalogridis an architect in Athens, Greece. Congratulations! A copy of the book is on its way to you now.

"My favourite Interior design book recently is a bookby Taschen, INTERIORS NOW! by Angelika Taschen (vol1) (isbn 3836519518). It is a collective volume of contemporary interiors from around the world featuring different trends and lifestyles, from pure minimalism to highly decorative style. It includes works of personally highly admired architects (such as John Pawson, David Adjaye,Claudio Silvestrin), designers (Roberto Cavalli),with details about the prominent owners (such as Ang. Taschen and Fabien Baron).Every single project in this book has its exclusive character and offers every detail one would ask froman interior design publication: names of all professionals involved, property details and important references to furniture items with names and companies.This book has to offer a lot of inspiration to its readers and surely will be browsed again and again as a unique source of contemporary interiordesign".
Achilles Kalogridis
Athens, Greece.

To win a copy of 'INTERIORS NOW!', email me with details of your favourite interiors or lifestyle book (with a few lines saying why it's so special) and we'll feature the winning book in the next issue of Inside and send you a free copy of Taschen's book.

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