book review

Living and Eating by John Pawson & Annie Hall

My book recommendation this month is 'Living & Eating' by John Pawson and Annie Bell. Although it's been available for some time now (I have the hardback version which has a much nicer cover), it remains one of my favourites. I've made many of the recipes and studied the images over a glass of red wine or two, so in recognition of Pawson's major exhibition of his works at London's Design Museum, this is my suggested book. I hope you like it.

'Informed by John Pawson's minimalist ethos, this book is about making life easier, more enjoyable and more beautiful. It is first and foremost a cookery book, with food that has been carefully selected to be simple, comfortable and delicious, allowing each individual flavour to be enjoyed. Eating is a central focus of our lives and of our homes, and this innovative book goes beyond the food itself to look at the whole context in which we enjoy it - the plates we eat from, the glasses we drink out of, the equipment we use to prepare the food and the kitchen in which we cook it. John's philosophy is to pare down to a small yet beautiful range of carefully chosen essentials, allowing each object to be appreciated and eliminating the time-consuming confusion of excess. Functionality is as important as style, however, and practical information is provided throughout. Exquisitely designed and produced, Living and Eating is an unequalled guide to a simple yet utterly seductive way of living'.

To win a copy of 'Living & Eating', email me with details of your favourite interiors or lifestyle book (with a few lines saying why it's so special) and we'll feature the winning book in the next issue of Inside and send you a free copy of Pawson's book.

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