Fondation Louis Vuitton 2013 Commercial Buildings Award Winner RIBA Manser Medal Tech Focus Berlin House of One Crescent McKinney and Olive
Museo de Ciencias Ambientales (MCA) The CUBE 152 Elizabeth Street Vitra Slide Tower WAN Business Information Chu Hai College of Higher Education
Infoversum Atlanta Braves Stadium Polestar Tower Vietnamese-German University Campus Al Farjan Recreational Sports Facilities Legacy ER-Allen
Home & Shopping HQ Building Urban Skyfarm Hankook Technodome RMIT Vietnam, Academic Building 2 Beach houses The Frick Collection
Auckland Zoo Giraffe House La Confluence Brick House Maison des Fondateurs La Cabotte Care Campus #1
University of Leipzig Bank of Shanghai Data Processing Center Phoenix Towers InsectCity and the BuzzBuilding YOO Montreal Room, The Beaumont