World Architecture Day 2014
The Story Museum Haus Bavaria Skyward House Wind-dyed house Waterfront Landscape Stripe Planning (Wucaibinfen Road) GUODIAN Ningxia Solar Co. Ltd. Office Building
Empire Tower Writhing Tower Equinox House Horizontal house House "Slow Life" Gerakas House
Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong Utilisation of leftover space underneath Flyover for HK Federation of Women T.S. Kwok Service Centre B House Vancouver Convention Centre West B2 Bklyn Cube House
Lee House M&M House Beach House on Long Island Mariinsky II Theatre Offshore Airport Sydney Light Rail
Houghton Primary Care Centre David and Gladys Wright House Clifftop House Cabin Lyngholmen House in Kings Cross Hans Bach Vej 9
Low Cost House Marimekko House East Kimberley Development Package Stage 3 Transitional Multi - Residential Housing Apex Luna Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center