WAD 2014
Omni Hotel RIBA Stirling Prize 2006 Rooftop Houses The Beijing Olympic Green Convention Centre Pearl River Tower Watercube- National Swimming Centre
Hummingbird Centre Aura Condominiums Yellow Dragon Hotel Vershina An Phu Villa (VietNam) Princes Dock
Clarke Quay Redevelopment Utah State Performing Arts Theater Milano Santa Giulia 264 Westbourne Road Bognor Regis Redevelopment Pearl River Tower
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision Deventer City Hall/ Library Haeundae Hotel Holland Street Buildings The Louvre Sequence 3EIGHT Apartments
Nehemiah Springcreek housing Wandsworth penthouse Elephant and Castle Regeneration The Savill Building Illinois Blue Cross HQ No 1 Westbridge
Freedom Tower Tianjin Museum Tate Modern 2 Newcastle Region Art Gallery Cinema and music complex Edificio Veles e Vents