WAD 2014
Ny Anstalt Porter School of Environmental Studies King Abdullah Financial District Metro Station Rijeka Diving Tower Fuel Station + McDonalds Restoration of the Pyramid of Djoser
Market Hall Hammersmith Offices Upcycle House Three Glens Sustainable Building Exhibition Centre, Meixi Lake Eco-City American Folk Art Museum
Musholm Bay Holiday Resort Juvia Superhero One Yonge Ohio Statehouse Holocaust Memorial Super Market, Sanya Lake Park
Home of Miguel Rivera Madla-Revheim Masterplan Lenbachhaus Museum WAN 21 FOR 21 Award 2013: Winners' Announcement One World Trade Center Atuarfik Hans Lynge School
CTBUH 2013 Tall Buildings Conference: Height & Heritage Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2013 Shortlist Convoys Wharf Central Mosque of Prishtina Toronto Police Services Division 11 Regent Park Aquatic Centre
Elbbrucken Underground Station Forest Road Youth Centre Premier Campus Office Apple HQ OCT Shenzhen Clubhouse Padiglione Italia at Expo 2015