WAN Awards
11 11 Lincoln road Swarovski Veil Nature Museum Chrysler Building Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive Croydon Town Centre
Waterbrook Greenwich Espirito Santo Plaza World Architecture Festival Awards The New World Symphony Coolsingel Project Beak Street development
Curzon Park Ltd House of Convexities Nano Vent Skin Westonbury Mill Water Gardens Dome The Lifestyle Academy Todlaw Supported Housing
BBC Scotland Richard Feilden House The Sackler Crossing Elephant House, Copenhagen Zoo Classroom of the Future Westminster Academy
East Beach Cafe Sowwah Island retail park New British High Commission The Museum of Contemporary Art WAN Poll Creative Prisons
Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Casa Kike RIBA’s International Awards Dellis Cay Marie Curie Hospice 110 Queen Street, Glasgow