WAD 2014
Ormiston Road Bridge Dubai Gate Village Horbury Group HQ RTA Headquarters Project Rialto Renfrew Health and Social Work Centre
MIPIM 2008 - PREVIEW Elliott Tower Waddington Building Tetris T-Crossover The Desert Winds Eco Spa
MIPIM 2008 Trabzonspor Avni Aker Stadium Fanshawe Street 80 Queen Street Ritz-Carlton Hotel Reactive buildings
Ironbank Complex AUT Akoranga Campus Lecture Theatres 152 Fanshawe Street Queen Street upgrade Wynyard Quarter "ZED", Clerk Street
Monarch building Megawave, Waterfront The Pad Tower Headquarters of Belarusian Potassium Company Pixel Tower, Waterfront Aspire
HL23 The Binary Vision Tower, Business Bay Christian Church Academy of Performing Arts The Index