Hans-Sachs-Haus Tower Infinity CAST Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park Baghdad Library The House of Disabled People's Organisations
Dawang Mountain Resort House in Chelsea Holiday Home 20 Fenchurch Street WAN AWARDS 2013 Product of the Year Shortlist WAN AWARDS 2013 Performing Spaces Winner
WAN AWARDS 2013 Civic Building Winner Private Residence Library of Birmingham Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland Tower House Jinshui Science and Technology Park
MUSE - Museo delle Scienze Skyline Plaza Swindon University Technical College Zayed Military Hospital campus Open House Petersen Automotive Museum
Mashreq Bank Headquarters Library of Birmingham Ecorium of the National Ecological Institute Changi Airport Project Jewel Rooftop Addition The Springs / Shipyards Masterplan
Stansted Airport Foreing Health Offices The Washington Harbour Student Housing Development The Cairns Institute, James Cook University 2017 World Expo