Canterbury TV Building inquiry comes to an end. Verdict due 12 November 2012

An inquiry into the collapse of the Canterbury TV (CTV) Building in Christchurch, New Zealand has come to a close. The examination was analysing the potential reasons why the multi-storey building collapsed in February 2011 during a 6.3-magnitude earthquake, killing 115 people. A decision is to be reached by 12 November 2012.

Three commissioners heard accounts from family of the deceased and legal teams representing David Harding who composed the structural plans for the CTV Building whilst working for Alan Reay Consultants, and Marcus Elliot who represented the families of those lost in the disaster.

It was suggested during the inquiry that David Harding was too inexperienced to design such a complex multi-story building and also that his employers were out of their depth. It was also suggested that the tower did not meet the building codes of the day during construction. Dr Alan Reay released a statement which said he would accept responsibility if the structural design of the building was found to have caused the collapse.

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