China: 1.2bn New Science Museum 
Bahrain: New Social Housing  
Australia: Mixed-use development 
Zambia: New Learning Centre 
US: eVolo 2015 Skyscraper 
Ecuador: Public Facilities 
Russia: New Metro Line Competition 



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World Architecture Day 2014
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In Pictures
Date Headline Project Name Architect City
12/07/2012 The correct formula  Formula 1 Lotus Sculpture Editorial  West Sussex 
12/07/2012 A juxtaposition of art and architecture  Monolithic apartment block Editorial   
12/07/2012 Decorative Architectural LED Lamp  MEGAMAN LED Crown Silver Neonlite International Limited   
12/07/2012 A trick of the light  Paisley LUZIFERLAMPS, S.L   
12/07/2012 World Cities Network  World Cities Network Editorial  London 
11/07/2012 Four top names bid for major NY project  425 Park Avenue Editorial  New York 
11/07/2012 The best made better  The new KONE MonoSpace KONE   
11/07/2012 Mixing things up...  Glaster Ty-Mawr Lime Ltd  Wales 
11/07/2012 Casting processes...  Perclax CLAX Italia S.R.L   
11/07/2012 New display spaces on Exhibition Road  Exhibition Road Expansion, Victoria and Albert Museum AL_A  London 
11/07/2012 Green light for Child Graddon Lewis  Dudley House Child Graddon Lewis  London 
10/07/2012 An outstanding performance  The Grand Canal Square Theatre Arup Ireland  Dublin 
10/07/2012 A new stylish campus  Catmose Campus Ellis Miller LLP  Oakham, Rutland 
10/07/2012 Sparkling Facades  The Titanic Belfast Spanwall  Belfast 
10/07/2012 Setting sail in Belfast  The Titanic Belfast Spanwall  Belfast 
10/07/2012 A (143,590 sq) feat of engineering  Blackfriars Bridge JACOBS  London 
10/07/2012 Setting the tone for the city  The Shard of Glass Renzo Piano Building Workshop  London 
09/07/2012 New multipurpose bridge  Compiegne Bridge Flint & Neill Ltd  Compiègne 
09/07/2012 Bridge building in Taunton  Third Way Bridge Flint & Neill Ltd  Taunton 
09/07/2012 When the saints come marching in...  The Saints Bridge Flint & Neill Ltd  St Helens 
09/07/2012 Origami Bridge takes a bow  Porth Teigr Bridge, Cardiff Flint & Neill Ltd   
09/07/2012 Making an entrance  NurnbergMesse Weischede, Herrmann und Partner, Beratende Ingenieure  Nuremberg 
06/07/2012 An expressive sculptural form  HARPA - Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre ramboll  Reykjavik 
06/07/2012 Travelling in style...  T4 Tomorrow, Heathrow Morgan Sindall Professional Services  London