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World Architecture Day 2014
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In Pictures
Date Headline Project Name Architect City
31/08/2011 Vision for the future  Laredo 2020 Vision Plan Kell Munoz Architects  Laredo, TX 
31/08/2011 When in Roma...  Roma Visitors Complex and Plaza Kell Munoz Architects  Roma, TX 
31/08/2011 GGA passes the first test...  One Green Street Development Editorial  City of Pasadena 
31/08/2011 The search is over for effective office design  Google Headquarters Clive Wilkinson Architects  Mountain View 
31/08/2011 Desert Waterfront Housing  PhX caseXcase LEVENBETTS  Phoenix, Arizona 
30/08/2011 The post-carbon city  Fayetteville 2030: Transit City Scenario University of Arkansas Community Design Center  Fayetteville 
30/08/2011 Old methodologies meet new technologies  U.S. Department of Energy’s Research Support Facility at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) RNL  Golden 
30/08/2011 A figure of speech  Talk to Me Editorial  New York 
30/08/2011 Montreal at the crossroads  Turcot Complex Groupe en Recherche Urbaine  Montreal 
29/08/2011 Reclaiming an argricultural heritage  Townscaping An Automobile-Oriented Fabric University of Arkansas Community Design Center  Farmington 
25/08/2011 Shining a light on green energy  Solar Plant Towers, Ivanpah RAFAA  Mojave Desert, California 
25/08/2011 835 Sixth Avenue rises to the occasion  835 Sixth Avenue: Eventi Hotel and the Beatrice Residences Perkins Eastman  New York 
25/08/2011 Greening Mexico one acre at a time  Texcoco Lake Ecological Park / Papalote Verde Children's Museum Iñaki Echeverria   
24/08/2011 Theatre venue steals the show  The Durham Performing Arts Center Szostak Design, Inc.  Durham, North Carolina 
19/08/2011 Montreal Concert Hall to soon open  Montreal Concert Hall Diamond and Schmitt Architects  Montreal 
19/08/2011 No place to hide  Rawhide: The New Shingle Style, Jason Payne/Hirsuta Editorial  Los Angeles 
12/08/2011 The Wright stuff  Historic Park Inn Hotel Editorial  Mason City 
11/08/2011 Call for entries...  Orchids & Onions Awards Editorial  San Diego 
10/08/2011 An executive decision  Executive Park Heller Manus Architects  San Francisco 
10/08/2011 Other-worldly pods illuminated by AIA  AIA Pavilion Editorial  New Orleans 
09/08/2011 Intensive design at Neonatal Unit  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Perkins Eastman  Connecticut 
08/08/2011 Acoustical challenges in NY  SubCat Studios Fiedler Marciano  New York 
05/08/2011 Trees of life  Medicine Research Hub, University of Washington Gustafson Guthrie Nichol  Seattle 
04/08/2011 The State of things to come...  Governmental City of the State of Zacatecas Arditti + RDT Arquitectos  Zacatecas