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The Perrine Pod, Perth, Australia

Wednesday 28 Mar 2007

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10/05/10 lintang machora, depok
hmm, a
modern concept of architecture, with a symmetrical pattern of irregular,
tend to emphasize vertical horizontal line game ....hmm, I like this
architecture style, a dream to build a house like this, ask your prayers
... amin ..

Architect Jean-mic Perrine designs the pod for the 21st Century 

A revolution in housing is about to begin. Imagine a home that can be built in one day, that will suit any landscape and adapt to virtually any architectural style. Picture a design so sophisticated and fabulous that it seems futuristic, yet so simple and uncomplicated that you wonder why no one has thought of it before. My design is about appreciating the beauty of simple, uncluttered space. The perrinepod is very functional, very sexy, very simple, with the form of the spaces inside following the function, there's no pretense, just simple, beautiful designs. It's a really cool thing to have no falseness - for example, the bathrooms are simply designed as a place to wash, backed up by quality materials. Living spaces have become as transient and irrelevant as fashion. It's no longer a look for a generation that people strive for, its the look of 'now' and it only lasts for a three to four year period. That approach is not sustainable and people are putting themselves and the environment under a lot of unnecessary pressure trying to keep up. The Perrine Pod is the antithesis of all of that - simple design, beautiful materials that will remain classic. It's not a 'look at me' statement, but a home that is comfortable, stylish and above all, functional."

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