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Music Center and Library, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Saturday 24 Mar 2007

Colourful harmony

nili portugali 
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A unique dialogue between a new building and the historical heart of Tel-Aviv 

Preserving the spirit of a historical environment does not necessarily mean a fanatic repetition of its language. Bialik Square is a micro-document of the architectural history of Tel-Aviv from the 1920’s, when European architecture was brought to Israel and integrated with the local oriental architecture. The dimensions of the building are in harmony with the human scale of the square. The orange paint of the building, apparently expected to disturb the tranquility of the square, was the element that complemented the blue color of the sky and the green color of the trees, to create a harmony that inspired peace and serenity in the square. The dialogue between the building and the square continues through the high windows as well as from the roof terrace overlooking the square. The crown on top of the building provides a graduated link to the sky. At the front, where the building touches the square, an entrance porch was designed for the orchestra to play to the audience sitting in the square, thus creating a physical and human connection between the building and the square. Past the main lobby, at the entrance to the building, is the auditorium, separated from it by a glass wall, through which the orange trees in the garden at the far end can be seen. At the side of the lobby there is a wide-open staircase, which is an identified beautiful space by itself. For more details on my holistic-phenomenological approach to architecture as a whole and about this project in specific see www.niliportugali.com

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Nili Portugali, Architect A.A Dip. (London)

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