World Architecture Day 2014


World Architecture Day 2014
World Architecture Day 2014
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Aramid, Melbourne, Australia 
Tuesday 06 Feb 2007
Beach hut 
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THE INTERVENTION invited to develop new concept design for beach hut 

The design utilises a composite form of construction so as to easily form organic shapes and to provide a high tensile and compressive strength. The composite construction uses structural foam (corecell) which is wrapped with an aramid re-inforcement fibre (REA 390) external skin. This is bonded to the corecell using a resin (with a fire resistant epoxy laminate system). The resin provides water resistance and has the ability to withstand constant stress cycling- properties particularly important for use in the marine environment. Uv stability is achieved by application of a final coat of varnish. The corecell has been designed with a number of openings within it to allow light into the beach hut through the translucent outer skin. The interior is lined with ply with a white painted finish to provide a contrast to the external skin- similar to that of an oyster shell. The hut is opened by lifting up the awning and folding down the lower section to form a ramped sundeck providing accessibility and an external seating platform. When fully closed these sections act to secure the hut and provide a durable frontage resistant to the severe weather conditions.

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