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Puri Ibu, Tunjang, Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia

Friday 22 Dec 2006

A kampung retreat

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Single Residential Building 

Puri Ibu was designed to deal with climate and environment of the tropic. It can be seen in her open verandah that we called serambi luar, the fluid interaction between inside and outside, a body of water in the form of a fish pond positioned in between anjung tamu(living area) and ruang santapan(dining area), steeply pitched roofs with wide eaves and deep overhangs to keep out the rain and to provide shade, provisions for cross-ventilation through ‘breathing’ wall slats made out of timber. The use of timber, which has a low thermal mass, as building material and composed in a contemporary manner, is suitable for Puri Ibu. Puri Ibu consists of a double-storey structure that houses a mother’s bedroom on the ground floor and guest’s bedroom on the upper floor. This is connected to separate single-storey pavilions on the ground consisting of anjung tamu and rumah dapur. Spaces that are incorporated into the rumah dapur are ruang santapan, kitchen and bathroom.

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