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Corner Glory, Air Garden and Stud Wall, California, United States

Thursday 31 Jul 2014

Trio of artworks from LA firm

From top: Corner Glory, Air Garden and Stud Wall. Images: Scott Mayoral and Joshua White 
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05/08/14 Tony, Miami Beach, FL
Interesting... at first glance "Corner Glory" reminds me of drag queen over-the-top eye lashes. I thought this was homage to those glorious West-Hollywood warriors.


Ball-Nogues Studio completes three imaginative public installations in California 

Ball-Nogues Studio is a design and fabrication studio based in LA, blending elements of architecture, art, and industrial design. Through the exploration of craft and the production process, the firm creates sculptural and engaging projects within the public realm. Here, the team at Ball-Nogues Studio gives details of three of their recently-completed schemes in California. 

Corner Glory, West Hollywood

In historical paintings of religious subjects, artists traditionally represented the spiritual status of gods, kings, and saints by surrounding the body of these holy figures with a luminous formation suggestive of radiating shafts of light. At the intersection of La Brea Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, Ball-Nogues Studio celebrated a typical glass corner of a six-storey apartment building with their own Glory. At over five storeys high it is visible from a distance of several blocks.

Rather than celebrating a holy personage, this gleaming frame highlights the absence of a religious icon and calls into question the status of a prosaic element in the urban landscape. By inviting the viewer to fill in the blank, the firm asks what she sees as sacred in her daily commute through Los Angeles, a place that hosts a spectrum of outlooks on spirituality and where celebrity confers a status near that of holiness.

Air Garden, Bradley West Terminal, LAX

The Air Garden embodies the qualities of light and space that are unique to Los Angeles. Like the city itself, it does not have a distinct beginning or end; inside or outside; back or front. LAX is a city among cities that envelops the globe, networked through a system of concourses, gates, terminals and connecting flights; it is an international metropolis of movement. The Air Garden is a pause within this movement; a place for reflection and repose, an opportunity for the traveller to daydream.

The reflective qualities of the bead chain, that form the catenaries, create a sense of vastness through the play of light in space. Each one is a miniature convex mirror, capturing light from all corners of the space as well as from the adjacent balls. The project evokes a sense of immensity through this reflective dance of colour and light. The consistent repetition of highlights on each bead produces a condition of being ensconced in a place that is both proximate and seemingly vast.  

Stud Wall, West Hollywood

The owners of the Huxley Apartments at Fountain and La Brea commissioned this artwork for a new courtyard adjacent to the sidewalk on La Brea Avenue. The team's first impulse was to suspend a structure over the courtyard that was self-referential, of a dramatically different language than the Huxley building itself. Stud Wall takes cues from a pair of sources, Ball-Nogues Studio's previous work entitled Cradle in Santa Monica and leather biker jackets, which owners customize with assortments of studs, spikes and other ornaments. 

Ball-Nogues Studio added such a layer of studs to the crumpled surface of the installation, imbuing a unique geometry over that of the ¼inch stainless steel plates into which they are inserted.  The studs also serve a structural purpose - by providing extra weight to the structure. As the team developed the design, and as the engineers asked that more and more weight be added, the stud layer took on an increasingly aggressive look. The result, Stud Wall, seemed like it might hurt someone were they to come to close. The Huxley wears it well.


Corner Glory

Artist and Designer: Ball-Nogues Studio
Commissioning Agency: Monarch Essex
Art Consultant: de Herrera Associates
Fabricator: Ball-Nogues Studio
Structural Engineer: Buro Happold, Los Angeles

Air Garden

Artist and Designer: Ball-Nogues Studio
Commissioning Agency: City of Los Angeles through its Department of Cultural Affairs and its Department of Airports
Fabricator: Ball-Nogues Studio
Structural Engineer: Buro Happold, Los Angeles
Custom Software: Pylon Technical
Rigging: LA Propoint

Stud Wall

Artist and Designer: Ball-Nogues Studio
Commissioning Agency: Monarch Essex
Art Consultant: de Herrera Associates
Fabricator: Ball-Nogues Studio
Structural Engineer: Buro Happold, Los Angeles

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Ball-Nogues Studio

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