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Marbella, Mumbai, India

Thursday 29 May 2014

A moment of Marbella near Mumbai

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31/05/14 John Harris, London
Looks like something out of an Asterix comic. The proportions are all wrong and resemble caricatures of the originals.



Indian design firm takes inspiration from Spanish city for residential community 

Ar. Reza Kabul has revealed a masterplan for a residential community in the mountain ranges of Lonavala, located between the India cities of Mumbai and Pune. The architect has taken direct inspiration from the design traits of traditional Spanish villas, expressly noting Marbella as a reference point.

Cobblestone pathways line the streets, similar to those found in the coastal town of Marbella. The individual villas have been graced with blue-toned roofs to ‘radiate a calming effect of water flowing on a hill’. Ar. Reza Kabul has worked with the mountainous terrain of the project site, deliberately following its decline in order to provide each individual residence with unobstructed views.

References to traditional Spanish construction continue throughout the scheme, from detailing to the balconies and doorways to the generous 24ft living areas and open courtyard spaces. Each villa is also provided with its own private pool and lawn. The design incorporates a number of sustainable measures, including modestly-sized wind turbines, solar heaters and lighting systems, and rainwater harvesting measures. 

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Status Under construction
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ARK ( Reza Kabul Architects Pvt Ltd)

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