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The Future of Sustainable Housing, Cambodia

Tuesday 22 Apr 2014

A brighter future for low-income families

Courtyard House 
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20/05/14 Richard C, Johannesburg
The most useful thing I have seen published on WAN since forever. Yes, I know it is nice to see what the great names are able to scrape together with their multi-billion dollar budgets. But for the other 99.999 % of humanity, it is re-assuring to see architects addressing the real challenges and problems facing the majority of the world's population. These projects give grace and dignity to that process. Kudos to the architects who crafted these gems !!!!
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04/05/14 malcolm ho-you, Vancouver BC
A useful use of Architectural talent to house the less fortunate people in Cambodia .I am proud of my profession. Malcolm Ho-you architect - planner
24/04/14 Zia Siddiqui, Islamabad
Great work.



Trio of flood-resistant houses costing less than $2,000 constructed in Cambodia 

Back in October 2012, WAN advertised a design competition for sustainable housing in Cambodia. Organised by Building Trust International with Habitat for Humanity Cambodia, Karuna Cambodia and the Cambodian Society of Architects, the competition challenged entrants to pitch ideas for a simple, cost-effective and flood-resistant residential project costing no more than $2,000.

Three winners were selected in March 2013 and we are delighted to announce that this trio of successful designs has now been seen through to realisation. The Wet + Dry House by Mary Ann Jackson, Ralph Green, Muhammad Kamil and Nick Shearman, the Courtyard House by Jess Lumley and Alexander Koller, and the Open Embrace by Keith Greenwald and Lisa Ekle are now occupied by new homeowners in Cambodia.

David Cole, Founding Partner and Director of Building Trust International said: “The most heartwarming part of the process so far was watching family who used to live at the hospital having the chance to move into their home. The project builds on the fantastic work that Habitat for Humanity Cambodia and Maryknoll are already doing in the region and we are glad to be able to encourage international and local architects to rise to the challenge of helping those most in need with the basic human right to shelter.”

Each of the residential designs builds upon the prevalent material palette of the region - brick, concrete and tin - by incorporating additional materials such as smart board, timber, bamboo and palm. The carefully crafted concepts have resulted in bright, comfortable and well-ventilated homes which will act as a reference point in the design of future sustainable housing for low income families in Cambodia. 

Alex Koller visited the village of Trapiang Anhchang outside Phnom Penh to meet the new residents of his Courtyard House. Click here to read about his journey.  

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