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Westonbury Mill Water Gardens Dome, Leominster, United Kingdom

Monday 09 Jun 2008

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We know where it's probably gone... 

A dedication to gardening, and apparently to drink, has allowed Richard Pim to create this architectural curio. The dome, lurking deep within Westonbury Mill Water Gardens in the English countryside, is a creation generated purely from cement and bottles collected over the years and functions as a colourful fernery.

From the outside the bottoms of the bottles form dimples on a concrete surface but from inside a Kaleidescope is formed from the jutting bottlenecks of all colours. Pim said: "As you can see many of my neighbours have been working hard at the wine to provide me with building materials!"

The fernery joins an African summer house also made by Pim's hand using salvaged wood from doomed elk trees and rushes from the pond as the thatch.The gardens in which the structures stand are opened temporarily to the public over the summer and offer a popular landscaping attraction. Pim uses ingenuity in design combining architecture and its surroundings to the furthest degree. A rose Rambling Rector, for example is perfectly at home atop a steel frame illustrating the strength of nature over its environment.

Westonbury Mill Water Gardens will be open for the summer until 30 September.

Niki May Young
News Editor

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